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CAR OF THE MONTH 127: August 2018
1978 Triumph Dolomite Sprint

1978 Triumph Dolomite Sprint
Here we have a real 1970s classic!  Triumph introduced the Dolomite sports saloon in 1972, intended as a replacement for the sporty variant of its best-selling Herald known as the Vitesse.  The original Dolomite had an 1854cc OHC engine that developed 91bhp and reached 60mph in just over 11s.  The Sprint variant was introduced a year later, 45 years ago, with luxury trim and a vinyl roof, designed to compete with European compact performance saloons such as the BMW 2002.  Its 16-valve 1998cc 127bhp engine propelled the car to 60mph in 8.5s and had a top speed of 115mph.  At launch, its price of £1740 (equivalent to £22,000 today) was highly competitive with contemporary sports saloons from Ford andf Vauxhall and just short of 23,000 were sold before production ceased in 1980. Few important development changes were made, but overdrive was standardised on manual gearbox cars (automatic was also available) from 1975 and this 1978 car would have had a laminated windscreen fitted.
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