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CAR OF THE MONTH 128: September 2018
1948 Austin A70 Hampshire

1948 Austin A70 Hampshire
The A70 Hampshire is exactly 70 years old this month, being launched in September 1948 and taking its styling from the smaller A40 Devon (Car of the Month 120) but fitted with the straight-4 2199cc engine previously used in the Austin 16hp, of pre-War origin.  Although top speed was over 80mph, the handling left much to be desired. The steering column gearchange was also poor, but it did allow three adults to be accommodated on the front bench seat.  The rear wheels were enclosed by detachable spats in an attempt to emphasise the car's flowing lines, but even the styling was not particularly admired and the Hampshire was replaced by the A70 Hereford (Car of the Month 29) within two years.  This, and the tendency of the metal of post-War cars to rust freely, makes the Hampshire one of the rarest of mainstream Austin models today.
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