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CAR OF THE MONTH 149: June 2020
1947 Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster

1947 Armstrong Siddeley Lancaster
Armstrong Siddeley had been working on a new range of models even while the WW2 fighting was still going on, so were able to launch this Lancaster 16hp sports saloon as soon as Victory in Europe was declared, 75 years ago.  The Lancaster had an all-new chassis with a choice of pre-selector or manual transmission.  The early models used a pre-War 1991cc 6-cylinder engine that developed 70bhp and could reach 75mph.  From mid-1949, a 2309cc version became available with considerably more torque.  The bodywork was supplied by Mulliners of Birmingham: it had a high quality interior with an abundance of wood, leather and careful trimming, and a slide-back sunshine roof was standard.  Just over 3500 were made in a seven year production run.
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