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CAR OF THE MONTH 140: September 2019
1930 MG M-series Midget

1930 MG M-series
The M-series MG first appeared at the London Motor Show in 1928, but full production did not start until exactly 90 years ago in 1929, when the little car became the first of a series of MG sports cars known affectionately as "Midget".  It came about as the result of a decision by Cecil Kimber to build a small, genuinely affordable, sports car - an innovative concept at the time - based on the chassis of the contemporary Morris Minor.  This set the pattern for future MG cars, many of which were modified versions of more humble saloon cars - a pattern that continued through most of the remaining years of the 20th century.  Weighing only 10cwt, the tiny 20bhp M-series engine nevertheless gave the Midget "vey brisk" acceleration (according to a contemporary report in The Autocar) and a maximum speed of 65mph.  By 1930 output had been raised to 27bhp and priced at only £185 (equivalent to just over £11,000 today) it is not surprising that it sold well.
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