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CAR OF THE MONTH 147: April 2020
1960 Morris Minor Million

1960 Morris Minor Million
The original Morris Minor MM was launched in 1948 (see Car of the Month no.6) but sixty years ago the model was still selling well as the Minor 1000 with a 948cc egine; in fact, it stayed in production until 1971.  But 1960 was a significant milestone in the model's history because in that year the one millionth Minor was manufactured.  To commemorate this, BMC produced a limited edition of a few hundred "Minor 1,000,000"s, with the normal 1000 badge suitably modified.  All were given the same lilac paint treatment with a white leather interior.  Unlike the original 27bhp MM version that had a top speed of little more than 60mph, this model shared the Minor 1000 engine, yielding 37bhp to give a top speed of 73mph.  The actual millionth Minor to roll off the production line was sold at auction in 2015 for over £25,000.
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