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CAR OF THE MONTH 137: June 2019
1949 Ford Anglia E494A

1949 Ford Anglia E494A
Although introduced 70 years ago for the 1949 season, this model of Ford Anglia was little changed from the pre-War version, but the sloped twin-oval radiator grille was an outwardly visible feature distinguishing it from the model E04A Anglia launched in October 1939.  Its 933cc engine developed just 23bhp, so maximum speed was limited to only 57mph.  Compared to the contemporary Morris Minor, the Anglia was decidedly old-fashioned, having limited width styling and only a three-speed gearbox, but it was the cheapest British four-wheel saloon on the market and in the austerity of the immediate post-War era it sold very well, with 100,000 being produced during its four-year lifespan.  Even that was not the end, for when a more modern Anglia was introduced in 1953, a further stripped down version of this car was sold as the Ford Popular 103E until 1959.  
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